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Let Elena Cardone Share Life Changing Advice For Business,  Life & Relationships.

“You’re either building an empire, or you’re destroying one. If you are trying to build an empire, every single decision you make and every action you take should be from that viewpoint,” - Elena Cardone
“You’re either building an empire, or you’re destroying one. If you are trying to build an empire, every single decision you make and every action you take should be from that viewpoint,” 
- Elena Cardone
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Elena Cardone, a true icon for the modern-day woman, is an entrepreneur and investor behind numerous multi-million dollar ventures. She is a global icon who has graced the front covers of the most prestigious magazines in the world.

Her passion is leading conversations in workshops designed to empower and connect ambitious women so they can thrive in any endeavor they undertake no matter where they are in life.


My whole life, I’ve been told I couldn’t have ‘the dream life’...

I was told that what I wanted was impossible.
There will be people out there who will tell you that you “CAN’T”...

  • Can’t have more…
  • ​Can't do better...
  • Can’t hit your goal...
  • ​Can’t give more…
And I want to show you why the life you want IS possible, and how you CAN get there!

And because…

This book literally changed my LIFE.

It gave me more TIME to spend with my family…

It took away the STRESS of pushing so hard every day, trying to build the dream life...

And it allowed me to add employees and scale my business, without having to do ALL of the work on my own and build my EMPIRE!

That’s EXACTLY what I want for you…


There is absolutely ZERO risk on your part, and no reason that you shouldn’t claim this book!

I promise that not only will you LOVE this book, you’ll get a ton of actionable value out of it that will help you take the first steps in transforming your life, or I'll return your $11.95 shipping... (And, I’ll even let you keep the book anyway!)

You won’t need to ship anything back to us. Simply email me or call the number on your digital receipt, and I'll give you back your money with no question asked.
Sounds fair?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy your copy of Build An Empire!

Be Great!
Elena Cardone
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"Elena had showed me how to be a good partner.”
- Lauren Scott
"Elena has impacted my life in so many ways."
- Danielle Beckwick
"Elena Cardone changed what it means to be a feminist.”
- Melissa Jackson
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